New Site!

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I know.  It aint like I don’t have enough of these right?

But this is so I can feed one of my addictions.  I love Crossovers.  Truly.  I keep tabs open in my iPad so I can see if any have been updated.

And of course, I write them.

So I wanted to do an awards just for Crossovers.  And I figure, I can also do some reviews.  Why not?  I will also be adding recs to here.

And if you want to come play, please do!!!   I would love others to help me out.  Since right now, I will tell you that the awards will start up in fandoms that I actively read.  I found out in the You Want Blood Awards that unless you are familiar with the fandoms, it is really hard to figure out what people meant in the nominations, or even to find the authors!  Since I really want to honor everyone, I rather make sure this goes as smoothly as possible.

I am more than willing to listen to feedback and to talk with people over this site and ideas you may have.

Let me know if you want to help out, with the awards, the site itself, or reviewing.  I am also going to start an Author page, and if authors want to be featured on it, (rather than a stock one) then let me know.




2 comments on “New Site!

  1. Bertie Bott says:

    While this could be fun, you do realize that your site name is eerily similar to Meridian’s, don’t you? Wondering if she’s okay with you using half of her site name or if she’s affiliated with this…? Seems in bad taste if not and it might get confusing for people. Crossover Addictions might be a better name to avoid unnecessary confusion 🙂

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  2. I have to say I agree with Bertie here. I saw the link to the site on Meridian’s FB page and decided to pop on over because I thought initially she was a part of it. It is a fun idea, but there are other sites similar getting their feet wet in cyber space. I know you are trying to make it different and I respect you for that, but it is still so similar to other sites out there that it’s not bringing anything really new to the table. That said, I wish you success in both the site and finding a new name. Another thing I would like to point out is your category, “Superheroes.” Its generic and as a lifelong comic fan, I find it insulting. It’s very much akin to taking Twilight, The Vampire Diaries and True blood and lumping them under ‘Vampires.’ A new name for that section would be nice, too.


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