Twilight Crossovers

This section will hold my rec’s that involve Twilight Crossovers.  Yes, you will find that there are going to be repetitions.  Unless I can figure out another way to list them, this may happen.

For the less common crossovers, they will be listed here.  If we get more than 5, then they will move over to their own page.


Twilight/The Mummy


 Light 1Light Up The Path: Part 1 of the Light Trilogy. In the sands of time, a promise was made to a faithful follower.  That promise is finally realized in a future that magic is all but forgotten.  A young woman will make all the difference.  She will be saved by the Gods, in a last ditch effort to fulfill their promise.  A man from the past stuck in the future, a woman lost, and a wolf is all that stands between a future with no magic, and a love that will surpass all of time, not once, but three times.

By: Kittyinaz.  Where Link takes you: WordPress Completed: Yes Pairing: Imhotep/Bella Swan


Let me know what you think!

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