Thanks for following the site.

I made the announcement earlier on my site, so I am making it here.

The site name was changed since I made an oops and had it similar to Meridian’s name.  As I explained on my site, it was a mistake.  One that by the time a name was accepted by WordPress, I think I jumped up and danced around the room that it worked.  Yes.  I am bad at naming things. And there are a lot of things that crossovers cover evidently.  Like cars, computers (you can crossover a mac and PC?) coding for different operating systems, and job finding also. Who knew?

Thankfully, Meridian was kind enough to help out in the naming department, as well agreed that I didn’t have to change the site it self’s url.  Which again… THANK YOU Meridian!!!!

Here is the site new name:

Front Banner Quintus 2

Royal Ember has honored me by being the first Author to put up a author page.  I will be adding her Harry Potter/True Blood crossover to the site.

To be fair, I had not wanted to do much to the site until Meridian and I talked over the name deal.  But after she did, I did make some changes, following through on some ideas.  As this expands (hopefully) I will be adding more areas.  Again, these are the ones I know, and I will be more than happy to add any others if someone wants to help.  Otherwise, yeah, I will be adding as I discover new fandoms and crossovers.  I am going to say, the headers will be the fandom crossovers we will do for the first contest.

For the contest, I am working to see when the other crossover from the Non-Canon Awards will be held.  For the first run through on the You Want Blood Awards took us a long time to verify the nominations.  I plan to do the same thing on this one, to allow all the stories that are completed as well as ones updated and so forth in the time period I name.  It took us a solid week to work that many entries, with multiple people verifying as well as a dedicated banner maker for our first run through.  So far it is just me.

I am very committed to doing this, and wanting to honor our writers, banner makers, video maker, betas and readers for their contributions to this part of FanFiction.  I am a very honored writer and reader to read the great stories out there, as well as having people reading the off the wall ideas I get.

This site will only have a directory of stories, I will also be doing reviews of stories and the contest.  The directory is so this site will have other uses while the year goes by, as well as the reviews for the stories I am reading out there.

For those that don’t know, it is because of crossovers I got involved in the True Blood/SVM world.  I read a story I can’t find anymore about Bella/Godric and it captivated me so much I had to read more and went into the fandom.  Best. Thing. Ever. To. Happen!   I have since then ventured into the Harry Potter fandom because of a Bella/Snape crossover I loved.  I only read Avengers/Twilight or Avengers/Harry Potter crossovers, the Avengers fandoms themselves have not been able to grab me yet.

Crossovers are also big part of my own writings.  As well as a lot of my betas and ladies I absolutely adore CoughcoughHarleyMommy4ThomasBertieBottsCuinawenRoyalEmbercoughCough are covered by this site, and I would love to show off the amazing talents I have found in this often overlooked part of FanFiction.

If you wish to help, or to do your Author page (that I will link any story of yours in the directory back to it for your name), please contact me.  I will either give you access to make it any way you like, with few guidelines, or you can just give me permission to make yours. If I do yours, please remember I am human and may make mistakes.  If any author would NOT like to be included, I will follow your wish.

I am looking forward to adding the stories and start with the reviews.  Again, for now, I am only doing the stories  I read.  I’m sorry for any other great stories out there, and I have no doubt there are some very talented writers out there, but I only have so many hours to read in a day!

Thanks for your patience for reading through this, and I look forward to you joining me.  I also highly recommend you visit the Non-Canon Awards and see what they have already done to spread the greatness of crossovers by clicking the banner below.


They have been doing this longer, and work very hard to promote Non-Canon stories.  I, in no way, want to take that away from them.  I am just trying to fulfill some promises I made before.



New Site!

Front Banner Quintus

I know.  It aint like I don’t have enough of these right?

But this is so I can feed one of my addictions.  I love Crossovers.  Truly.  I keep tabs open in my iPad so I can see if any have been updated.

And of course, I write them.

So I wanted to do an awards just for Crossovers.  And I figure, I can also do some reviews.  Why not?  I will also be adding recs to here.

And if you want to come play, please do!!!   I would love others to help me out.  Since right now, I will tell you that the awards will start up in fandoms that I actively read.  I found out in the You Want Blood Awards that unless you are familiar with the fandoms, it is really hard to figure out what people meant in the nominations, or even to find the authors!  Since I really want to honor everyone, I rather make sure this goes as smoothly as possible.

I am more than willing to listen to feedback and to talk with people over this site and ideas you may have.

Let me know if you want to help out, with the awards, the site itself, or reviewing.  I am also going to start an Author page, and if authors want to be featured on it, (rather than a stock one) then let me know.