Harry Potter Crossovers

This section will hold my rec’s that involve Harry Potter Crossovers.  Yes, you will find that there are going to be repetitions.  Unless I can figure out another way to list them, this may happen.

Harry Potter/True Blood

an-ancients-love-gif An Ancient’s Love. AU. Bryony Potter never wanted to be a hero, but was forced to become one. After defeating Voldemort, she wanders the world until she is called to help a cursed vampire in Dallas. How will her addition change the fated paths of Godric, Eric, Sookie and others? Can a powerful Ancient learn what it is to love, and can Bryony trust in a love that was predicted 2000 years ago?

By: Royal Ember.  Where Link takes you: Fanfiction Completed: No Pairing: Godric/OC


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